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The following process outlines a typical set of 'architectural work stages' that we would likely work through with a client for any building or architectural project.

For further information, or for a more specific explanation of the process, please feel free to contact us.


Work Stage A and B: Inception and Feasibility


Discuss the clients' requirements; assess these and give general advice on how to proceed.


Advise on any need for the appointment of other professional consultants, specialist contractors, sub-contractors or suppliers.


Carry out such preparatory work including dimensional survey as may be necessary to determine the client's requirements.


Work Stage C and D: Outline proposals and Scheme Design


Prepare outline proposals and develop a scheme design based upon your briefing.

Make where required application for planning permission. Please note the permission itself is beyond our control and no guarantee can be offered that it will be granted.

Work Stage E: Detail Design


Develop the scheme design; co-ordinate the design work of any specialist contractors, sub-contractors or suppliers.


Advise on the consequences of any changes on the construction costs and programme.

Make and negotiate where required applications for approvals under building acts, regulations or other statutory requirements.

Work Stages F and G : Production Information


Prepare production information including drawings, schedules and specification of materials in sufficient detail to enable a contractor to prepare a tender.


Prepare electrical layout drawings to indicate provision of new socket outlets, lighting, tv aerial outlets etc.

Work Stages H, J, K and L : Tender to Completion


Invite tenders from approved contractors; advise on tenders submitted or alternatively, arrange for a price to be negotiated with a contractor.


Advise on the appointment of a contractor; where required prepare the building contract and arrange for it to be signed by the client and contractor.


Administer the terms of the building contract; visit the site as appropriate to inspect generally the progress and quality of the work; make where required periodic financial reports to the client.


Administer the terms of the building contract relating to the completion of the works; give general guidance on maintenance; provide a set of drawings showing the building and the main lines of drainage.

Under the Construction Design and Management Regulations 1995 you, as the person instigating construction works have an obligation to notify the Health and Safety Executive that works are to be carried out giving the requisite period of notice regarding the nature of the works and the intended start on site dates.

A designers 'risk assessment' will be provided by KMD for your retention and onward transfer to your appointed contractor for the works.

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